The difference a professional proofread makes …

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You may be wondering whether it is worth paying someone (me!) to proofread your document. Here are some examples that show why I think it’s almost always worth it!

  • In a proofread of a conference flyer, I highlighted that the name of a key speaker was spelt in two different ways. The timetable showed a discrepancy that may have affected the schedule for the whole day. These errors could have been very embarrassing for the client.
  • In a magazine proofread, I noticed that two clues were missing from a crossword!
  • I regularly proofread a community newsletter that has multiple contributors – and therefore multiple opportunities for errors to creep in! I check spelling, grammar and punctuation. I also check that adverts are displayed as intended (I occasionally find that images have been cropped and information lost). Hyperlinks are not always keyed correctly, so I carefully proofread these too. I also carry out a separate check to ensure that days and dates of events tie up. The result is a newsletter that readers enjoy and that advertisers are keen to support.
  • When proofreading Word documents, I often find a variety of errors. These include: two spaces after a full stop (I was trained to type this way too, but these days it is generally considered a no-no!); missing/misplaced apostrophes; and inconsistent use of capitals and hyphens. Mistakes like these can make great writing seem sloppy and unprofessional. I work through the document a number of times, each time checking for something different. On my final read-through, I read it aloud to myself – I sound daft, but it helps to ensure that the text makes sense and is as error-free as possible!

A professional proofread can save you from potential embarrassment and costly damage to your business/reputation. It really is worth it!

If you have any questions, or would like to request a (free) sample proofread, please contact me at

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