How does it work?

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The process is simple …

Send me an email ( with some information about your project. I’ll need to know the subject, format (Word or PDF), total number of words and your deadline. If you’re happy to attach your document at this stage, that’s great – I can then set to work providing you with a sample proofread and a quote.

Rest assured that I will always be completely honest with you. If the subject is one that I don’t feel qualified to proofread (I’m no scientist or mathematician!), or if I won’t have time to proofread it to a high standard, I won’t offer to do the work for you.

I will do a (free!) sample proofread of a section of your document. If the document is in Word, I’ll use Track Changes. If it’s a PDF, I’ll use the comment tools to mark up my suggested changes. I’ll email the sample to you, together with a quote.

If you’re happy with my proofread and the quote, let me know and I will book you in! If you have any further questions at this point, or are unsure about anything, please do ask.

I will proofread your document and return it to you by the agreed deadline. My invoice is then payable by bank transfer within 30 days.

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